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How to Keep Critters Out of Flower Pots

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If you don't have a large yard, you may have to resort to growing your flowers in a flower pot. Unfortunately, even if your flowers are in a pot, critters can still get in to the pots and harm or destroy the flowers. Squirrels, raccoons, deer and even stray cats are often the cause. It is best to protect your potted plants to keep them safe, healthy and vibrant.

Bring your potted flowers and plants indoors at night. The University of Illinois recommends this. Many critters venture out during the night hours in search of food-your plants. Keeping them inside while you sleep will protect them from any mischievous critters.

Add 2 tbsp. of cayenne pepper to 2 cups of water. Pour in an empty spray bottle, and squirt over your potted plants once each week. Animals are sensitive to the cayenne pepper and will stay away from it.

Place a pot cover over your flower pot. This will stop critters that like to dig up your potted plants and eat the bulbs. Pot covers come in a variety of sizes, stones and colors, so you are sure to find one that matches your flower pot.

Install a fence around your property. The fence will keep out many unwanted pests. Keep in mind that a fence must be at least 8 feet high if it is going to successfully keep deer out. Deer can jump fences lower than 8 feet.

Get a watch dog. A barking dog will scare away any critters that have vicious thoughts of attacking your potted flowers. If your landlord doesn't allow dogs, consider a motion sensor that emits a loud noise when the critters get too close to your plants.


Spray a mixture of garlic and vinegar on the plants if you don't have any cayenne pepper.


Don't trap the animals that are destroying your potted plants without first checking if it is legal in your county. Moth balls don't work and they are hazardous to both humans and animals. Don't use them.

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