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How to Make Hand Weights for the Swimming Pool

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When you exercise in a swimming pool, the weight of the water provides natural resistance. This means that as you push the water back and forth or up and down, your body enjoys benefits similar to those from strength training on dry land. While the weight of the water is probably enough for most beginners, eventually you're going to need more of a challenge. Using a set of homemade floating hand weights can provide this.

Cut four four-inch squares from an old kick board or a foam swimming pool raft with a craft knife.

Cut a 1/2-inch diameter circle out of the center of each foam square with a craft knife.

Secure an end cap to one end of a seven-inch long piece of half-inch PVC pipe. Repeat this step to create both handles of your hand weights.

Pour 16 oz. of steel pellets into each PVC pipe. This will create one lb. hand weights.

Push one of the foam squares over the open end of the PVC pipe and move the square to the opposite end of the pipe so it rests against the end cap.

Place another foam square onto the same pipe but leave it near the open end. You now have a piece of foam on each end of your weight so it will float if you drop it into the pool.

Attach an end cap to the open end of the pipe.

Repeat steps five through seven with the second PVC pipe to complete your pair of hand weights.

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