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Chainsaw Throttle Cable Installation

Chain saw against firewood pile image by Andrzej Thiel from

The throttle cable on a chainsaw runs from the throttle trigger to the carburetor. Squeezing the trigger pulls the cable, opening the carburetor and allowing in more fuel. The cable uses a locking mechanism, an important safety feature that ensures the chain only spins when the bottom trigger is squeezed and the top is pressed down.

Attach the throttle cable to the throttle lever. Install the throttle cable in the tank unit by threading the cable into the unit. Place the cable-lever arm into the lip underneath the handgrip.

Push the throttle lever’s pivot into its hole on the handle using the rubber driver. Connect the throttle spring to the recess in the throttle lock. Hold the spring in place, and insert the throttle lock into the recess in the handgrip. Fit the throttle return-spring into the handgrip.

Twist the throttle lock into position so that the catch passes down by the throttle lever inside the handgrip. Press in the throttle lock’s pivot pin with the rubber driver.

Reconnect the fuel hose to the intake valve on the carburetor. Refit the front hand-grip, tightening its screws to the engine. Push the throttle cable into its hole in the bottom of the carburetor space. Reattach the lead wire to the stop switch.

Screw down the bolt on the flywheel side of the engine with the screwdriver. Fit the front handle into place. Tighten its bolts, anchoring it to the engine. Reinstall the chain catcher to the front of the engine.

Slide the throttle cable into its position next to the carburetor. Connect the throttle cable to the carburetor.

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