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Growth Rate for Liquid Amber and Maple Trees

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Maple trees are similar in appearance to liquid amber trees, better known as sweetgum trees. Both types of trees are characterized by rapid growth, although some species of maple such as sugar maple grow more slowly.


The active growth period of the sweetgum tree occurs during the spring and summer. Sweetgums produce a single stem that grows rapidly at an average annual rate of more than 24 inches. The long lifespan of sweetgum trees allows them to reach a mature height up to 100 feet, with up to 45 feet of growth occurring during the first 20 years.

Silver Maple

The silver maple is also a fast-growing tree that can exceed 24 inches of annual growth. It also produces a single stem and can reach 45 feet in height after its first 20 years. Silver maples don't live as long as sweetgum trees, so they reach a mature height of only about 90 feet.

Red Maple

Red maple trees are characterized by rapid growth and a short lifespan. In maturity, this species reaches a maximum of 68 feet tall. It can reach 35 feet in height within 20 years, with an average annual growth exceeding 24 inches.

Maple Trees Bud?

More than 120 maple species exist. Within each species are hundreds of cultivars bred for specific traits like color, size or form. Buds set in the fall but species type and seasonal weather conditions influence exact budding times. Limbs, twigs and branches increase in length. During the fall, buds set on this new growth. In cool climates the tree breaks bud in May but in warm regions buds burst in March. Maple trees then enter a dormant phase. Pruning takes place during this phase, when it will not interfere with bud development and when sap is least likely to ooze from cut branches.

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