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The Best Time to Plant a Magnolia Tree

By Nicole Crawford
Magnolia trees produce striking blossoms.
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The magnolia tree is known for its striking, dramatic flowers, which come in a variety of colors. Although they are commonly associated with the southern United States, magnolia trees can be grown in a variety of regions.


There are many types of magnolia trees, so familiarize yourself with the particular variety you have chosen before planting. The most common types include the southern, sweetbay, saucer, Sargent and star magnolias. They are typically divided into evergreen and deciduous categories, although some also grow as shrubs.

Planting Times

Optimal magnolia planting times vary by species. According to the United States National Arboretum, evergreen magnolias should be planted in early spring. In northern states, deciduous magnolias should be planted in the fall. In the South, they should be planted during the spring months.

Planting Site

Choose the planting site for your magnolias carefully. They prefer rich soils that with lots of organic matter. Keep in mind that some varieties can grow to be quite large and do not tolerate being moved. They also need full sun or partial shade and well-drained soil.


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