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What Soil Type Is Needed for a Coffee Tree?

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Coffee plants are a versatile species that may be grown as specimen shrubs or small trees. Coffee trees will tolerate a wide range soil pH, though lightly acidic soil is ideal. Soil must be well-drained and amended with organic materials. Soil of volcanic origin is preferred. Coffee trees are not salt tolerant.

Soil Requirements

Coffee trees flourish in rich, porous and slightly acidic soil. Do not plant in areas with impervious or rocky subsoils. Coffee trees have shallow roots that do not tolerate drought or standing water. Reduce waterings during the two coldest months of the year to promote optimal flowering.

  • Coffee trees flourish in rich, porous and slightly acidic soil.


Fertilize coffee trees three or four times during the warmest part of the year. Use a dry mix containing nitrogen, phosphate and magnesium.

Other Considerations

Coffee trees are a tropical plant that prefer light shade, high humidity and continuous watering. While coffee trees are able to grow at a variety of elevations, commercial-use coffee trees are typically grown at 2,000 to 3,000 feet. Coffee beans grown at high elevations tend to be better tasting.

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