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How to Remove Cannondale Lefty

The Cannondale Lefty is a suspension fork design unique to some Cannondale mountain bikes. Conventional suspension forks have two stanchion tubes, running down either side of the front wheel. The Lefty has just one tube, running down the left side of the front wheel. Because the system contains few parts, Cannondale claims that the Lefty reduces overall bike weight. The Lefty may be removed periodically for cleaning and servicing. Using the proper tools and method for removal prevents damaging the Lefty or any of its attached parts.

Note the two bolts holding the front brake caliper to the Cannondale Lefty. Loosen both bolts using a 5 mm hex wrench. Swing the lower bolt away away from the Cannondale Lefty to disengage the caliper from the brake rotor.

Use a 5 mm hex wrench and turn the hub extraction bolt, at the center of the front wheel hub, counterclockwise to loosen. The extraction bolt is located on the side of the wheel opposite the Lefty.

Pull the front wheel away from the Cannondale Lefty, and slide it off the axle. If the wheel cannot be removed with relative ease, loosen the hub extraction bolt further.

Use a 4 mm hex wrench to loosen the two Cannondale Lefty clamp bolts. The bolts clamp the Lefty to the upper and lower bicycle frame head tube assembly.

Use a 5 mm hex wrench to loosen and remove the “steerer” bolt, on the underside of the head tube assembly.

Insert the smaller end of the Cannondale K020 tool through the underside of the head tube.

Hold the top of the Lefty with one hand while using a rubber shop mallet to strike the bottom of the Cannondale K2020 tool upward. Striking the bottom of the tool upward drives the handlebar stem “steerer” from the head tube of the bicycle.

Set the “steerer” to the side. Grab the Lefty and pull it away from the bicycle to remove.

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