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How to Use Sure Klean 600 Detergent

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Part of Prosoco's lineup of liquid air and water barriers and flooring treatments, Sure Klean 600 -- a construction cleanup solution for newly laid masonry, tile and concrete -- relies on hydrochloric acid to cut through unsightly dirt and mortar. Prosoco says Sure Klean is safer than muriatic-acid-based cleaners, but the product nevertheless requires a bit of preparation and care for safe and successful usage.

Prepare your work area with polyethylene sheeting, using the sheets as protective drop cloths. While it's ideal to clean your new masonry before installing windows, doors and fixtures, you can protect any finished floors, fixtures, windows, doors, hardware, roofing materials or other non-masonry items with these plastic drop cloths before applying Sure Klean 600.

Equip yourself with work gloves made of nitrile rubber, neoprene or PVC, as well as with chemical splash goggles, a half-mask respirator with acid gas cartridges, and splash-resistant neoprene outerwear and boots before working with acid-based Sure Klean 600.

Fill your pressure washer's tank with 1 part Sure Klean 600 diluted with 4 to 12 parts clean, cold water. You'll need about 1 gallon of the mixture per 50 square feet of porous, textured surfaces or 150 square feet of smooth, dense surfaces.

Set your pressure washer to a low-pressure spray and apply the solution to the entire surface of the masonry, working from bottom to top. Allow the solution to rest for three to five minutes, then repeat the application. Use a wooden scraper to remove excess mortar from the surface if necessary.

Spray the surface with clean water to completely rinse away the cleaner and remove loose debris, dust and sand. Work from bottom to top. Repeat the application and rinsing process as needed.


Before widespread application, test the surface you wish to clean by using the pressure washer to apply Sure Klean 600 to a 4-foot patch or test panel of masonry. Rinse the surface and allow it to rest for three to seven days. Reduce or increase the amount of water in your diluted mix if staining occurs. If brown or green stains appear -- a sign of discoloration caused by the metallic oxides present in some modern types of brick -- Prosoco recommends using 1 part Sure Klean and 8 parts cold water.

For interior surfaces, ventilate your work area as thoroughly as possible. If you can't spray the indoor surface with a pressure washer, rinse it with plenty of clean water and a soft-bristle brush or sponge after you apply the Sure Klean 600. After the initial rinse, neutralize the surface by applying a mixture of 2 ounces of baking soda per 1 gallon of water.Allow the solution to saturate for three to five minutes, then rinse once more with clean water.

Prosoco recommends applying Sure Klean 600 within 28 days of new masonry installation for best results, when the surface temperature of the masonry is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


Protect your skin and eyes from contact with Sure Klean 600 at all times. If contact occurs, flush your skin or eyes with water for at least 15 minutes and seek medical attention.

Sure Klean 600 is not intended for use on buff-colored brick, masonry with manganese or metallic additives, and some types of polished or glazed surfaces.

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