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What is the Best Time to Trim Trees in Texas?

By Mark Pendergast

Trimming is an important part of maintaining a tree. Proper pruning helps a tree sustain new growth. A key component of good trimming practice is to trim your tree at the right time of the year.

Expert Insight

The best time to trim a tree in Texas is late winter or early spring, before the new growth begins, according to the Texas A&M System Agrilife Extension. Pruning at this time does not interfere with the tree's new growing season.


The least desirable time to prune your Texas tree is after the new growth has already stated in the spring. Major pruning at this time puts too much stress on the trees roots and stems. You should also avoid heavy trimming in late summer. This may spur new growth that could make the tree more susceptible to damage from winter weather.


Do not not worry about the time of year when you need to trim off dead or damaged branches. Trim these immediately so they do not become entry points for disease or insect infestation.


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