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A Quick Way to Make a Grass Skirt for Kids

By Miranda Brumbaugh
Make your tot a grass skirt to go with pretty leis.
Hawaiian Laces image by MrGreenBug from Fotolia.com

Grass skirts add a touch of the tropics to any festive event. You can quickly make your child her own grass skirt using inexpensive items found in most households. All of these grass skirts are made from cheap materials and in minutes. Get your kids involved and let them help. Look for brightly colored plastic bags or plastic table skirts with tropical images such as palm trees, Hawaiian leis or pineapples, to cut into the skirt.

Crepe Streamer Grass Skirt

Cut a length of crepe streamer to fit the waist of the skirt. Staple or tape the end in place.

Cut several lengths of crepe streamer as long as you want the length of your grass skirt.

Staple the ends of the streamers all around the waist so the streamers hang downward.

Trash Bag Grass Skirts

Lay a plastic trash bag flat on a hard surface with the drawstring end at the top end.

Cut the bottom end off of the trash bag so the remaining bag is the desired length of your grass skirt.

Start at the bottom and cut all the way up to the drawstring but do not cut through the drawstring. Make these cuts all around the bag.

Put the grass skirt on the child and tighten the drawstring as the belt as needed to secure the grass skirt.

Green Plastic Grass Skirt

Spread out a green plastic table skirt. Measure the length of the waistline for the skirt.

Cut the amount of plastic skirt off for your grass skirt. Cut from the bottom of the plastic up to two inches from the top of the plastic. Continue with these cuts on the entire green plastic material.

Add the Velcro to the top corners of each end of the green plastic. Put the skirt on the child’s waist who will wear the grass skirt and secure using the Velcro.


Things You Will Need

  • Roll of green paper crepe streamers
  • Scissors
  • Stapler and staples or scotch tape
  • Paper grass skirts
  • Black or white trash bag with a drawstring
  • Green plastic table skirt
  • Adhesive-lined Velcro


  • For the green plastic grass table skirt, one sheet should make six skirts.


  • Do not cut the strips too thin on either of the plastic grass skirts to prevent the strips from ripping from the skirt.

About the Author


Miranda Brumbaugh enjoys covering travel, social issues, foster care, environmental topics, crafting and interior decorating. She has written for various websites, including National Geographic Green Living and Dremel. Brumbaugh studied in Mexico before graduating with a Master of Science in sociology from Valdosta State University.