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The Best Flowering Potted Plants For a Balcony

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A balcony can present harsh conditions for flowering potted plants. With no available shade, sunlight will create extreme temperatures on the balcony space and cause soil in potted plants to dry out.

Balcony Conditions

The best flowering potted plants for a balcony are those that can withstand extreme heat and dehydration, because potted plants tend to overheat in the sun, especially when they are in a small space. Plants that are adaptable to these conditions tend to do best on balconies.

Recommended Flowering Plants for Containers

Recommended flowering plants for containers on balconies include petunia, geranium, alyssum, daisies and marigolds. These flowering plants are highly adaptable to container conditions, and can tolerate heat and periods of dry soil.

AAS Award-Winning Varieties

Of particular interest are All-America Selections winning varieties, including 1998 winner Prism Sunshine petunia, 2010 winner Moonsong Deep Orange marigold and 2002 winner Black Velvet Rose geranium. AAS winners are chosen for superior garden performance in impartial trials in North America.

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