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Quick Way to Get Rid of Birds

pigeon bird wild bird image by Pali A from

When birds nest on your porch, under the eaves of your home, or congregate in your garden or trees, it can be a nuisance; whether you live in the city and are constantly annoyed by pigeons or reside in more rural areas and deal with crows or cardinals. They defecate on your property, and may ruin your plants and are noisy. Although many birds are protected by federal law, there are safe alternatives to quickly get rid of birds.

Use an air horn to get rid of birds quickly. The sharp and loud noise from the horn will cause them to fly away instantly. The trouble with this method is you need to be vigilant and will only be able to scare birds away if you see them. This is the fastest way to get rid of birds, though only for a short period of time.

Get a cat that you can let outside during the day. Cats love to chase birds and they can be a great way to scare birds away quickly. This is a fast and long-term way to keep birds away, though the cat may not always want to be on bird duty.

Take an old VHS tape and cut 24-inch lengths of the tape with a pair or scissors. Tie the pieces of tape to fences, plants, and/or lower tree branches. The slightest wind will make the pieces of tape flutter, quickly scaring away any birds.

Hang one or more beach balls from tree limbs or from the porch awning with an 18-inch piece of string. The swinging motion of the ball and bright colors will frighten birds.

Purchase an ultrasound machine made to repel birds. These work by emitting sound waves the humans can't hear, but birds can. Manufacturers claim the sound will frighten and annoy birds within a 900-square-foot radius.


Never use poison or shoot at birds since many birds are protected by federal law.

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