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How Long Do Peach Tree Seeds Take to Germinate?

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Starting a peach tree from a pit is an easy project, but it requires patience. Peach seeds are slow to germinate and the trees are slow to bear fruit. Plant the peach seed in the fall.

Preparing the Seed

Make sure you get all of the peach fruit off of the seed. If you don't, it will rot when the seed is planted. After you scrub the pit, soak it for 24 hours in a bowl of water, then wrap it in moist peat moss, place it in a plastic bag and refrigerate it for 60 days.


Preparing the germination bed properly is the key to germination of peach seeds. Mix 2 inches of sand and 2 inches of compost into the soil in a sunny garden location. Plant the seed 2 inches deep and cover it with peat moss.


Keep the top 4 inches of soil moist at all times while the peach seed germinates. The peach seed will not germinate until the following spring, so mark the planting location clearly so you don't forget where you planted the pit.

Long Will It Take A Peach Tree To Grow?

Planting a young peach tree or a peach pit will not give you fruit the first year. You must wait 3 to 4 years before it starts to produce fruit, notes the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. Before this time, the tree will be too small to support full-sized, harvestable fruit. During the first, nonproductive years the tree's energy is concentrated on the tree's growth. If well-maintained and healthy, you can expect a peach tree to last in your landscape for 15 to 20 years, according to the University of California's The California Backyard Orchard. If you plan to continue to live in your home when it is time for the peach tree to be replaced, you need to decide what to do with the space in your yard. Dwarf peach trees may only be 6 feet tall and wide.

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