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How to Prevent Rodents From Falling in a Pool

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If you’re in need of a refreshing dip in the pool on a hot day, the last thing you want to see is a dead rodent in the water. Of course, it’s not exactly the rodent’s fault. Chances are the creature was simply looking for a drink and accidentally fell to its death. Nevertheless, constant rodent problems around the pool indicate an infestation that must be confronted immediately. While you can try mouse and rat traps around the pool, they can be harmful to pets. The better course of action is to deal with the underlying causes of the rodent problem.

Remove anything near the pool or your yard that rodents may find appetizing. Pick up all trash and properly dispose of any food left near the pool. Access to an easy food source will draw rodents near the pool, thus increasing the likelihood that one will fall into the water. Also be sure to tightly seal any garbage cans in the area.

Remove anything near the pool that can be used as shelter for the rodents. For instance, if you have a pile of firewood nearby, move it out of the area. Anything you stack in the yard should be elevated off the ground, as this will reduce the chances that rodents will use it as shelter.

Thin or remove any thick vegetation around or near the pool. Thick vegetation will also make the area more attractive to rodents. Honeysuckle, English ivy and climbing hedges are especially appealing to rodents. Also remove any tree limbs that overhang the pool, as rodents may climb out onto the limbs and fall into the pool.

Install a fine wire screen or mesh fence around the perimeter of the pool. The openings in the screen or mesh should be less than ¼-inch in size. Anything bigger, and rodents will be able to squeeze through. Do not use plastic or wood fencing, as rodents can gnaw through the material. If you already have a large fence in place around the pool, simply line the back of the fence with the mesh.

Purchase and install a pool cover that is designed to fit your size pool. Place the pool cover over the pool any time it is not in use, especially during the night.

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