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The Specs for a 3180 Woods Rotary Cutter

Woods Equipment is a manufacturer of landscape, light construction and agricultural equipment including backhoes, loaders and rotary cutters. The company is headquartered in Oregon, Illinois. As of early 2011, Woods no longer makes the 3180 Rotary Cutter.


Woods Equipment's 3180 Rotary Cutter is a bat-wing, pull-type rotary cutter used for cutting grass, weeds, and other material generally cut with a lawn mower or lawn tractor. The 3180 is yellow in color and was manufactured from the late 1990s through the early 2000s.


Bat-wing cutters like the 3180 have two leaves which fold inward to make the device small enough to be towed on the street. When extended, the 3180 measures 15 feet across. It is built on a total of six laminated wheels. The 3180 has a power take-off (PTO) speed of between 540 and 1,000 RPM, depending on the year of manufacture.


The 3180 could be towed behind tractors or other lawn maintenance vehicle with a standard trailer hitch. The device has a maximum overall length of 198 inches, including the hitch tongue. It also has a wing operational range of 90 degrees up and 22 degrees down from level.

John Deere 503 Rotary Cutter Specs

When farmers and landscapers tend large tracts of land, they may use grass cutters such as the John Deere 503 rotary cutter. These heavy-duty machines can handle grass and weeds that have grown up to 4 inches tall, which often will cause the motors of ordinary lawn mowers to stall. The John Deere 503 rotary cutter has a single wheel that is not powered by the tractor. This power is transmitted along a rotating shaft attached to a gear box on the cutter that turns the blade underneath. This type of machine operation is referred to as power take-off, or PTO, driven. Never handle the rotating shaft during operation and ensure you turn off the PTO before leaving the tractor. It can cause serious hand injury.

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