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Materials Used in Concrete Foundations & Floors

By Jennifer Simon

Concrete is commonly used in flooring and slab work, but it is rarely used alone. Several materials can be added when mixing concrete depending on the location and type of soil being built on.


Sand is used in a concrete mixture to ensure that the smallest gaps and air bubbles are filled in order to create the strongest foundation possible. Sand must be mixed properly with water, gravel and cement for the best consistency and sustainability.


Gravel can be mixed with cement, sand and water to help achieve the best consistency and strongest possible foundation for a flooring project. All three aggregates are necessary to avoid gaps within the mixture that could create small faults and cracks.


There are five types of cement commonly used in mixing concrete. Most are used commercially, and all need to be mixed properly with water and other ingredients, such as sand and gravel, to reach the best consistency for your project.


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