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Are Sorghum & Molasses the Same Thing?

By Suzanne S. Wiley

Molasses comes in different varieties based on how it was processed. Other sweeteners often bear a label of molasses, but they are based on foods other than cane or beet sugar. Sorghum molasses is made from a grain and is not the same as plain molasses.


Molasses is a byproduct of sugar production, usually from cane or beet sugar. Sorghum molasses is a syrup made by pressing the cane-like stalks and boiling the juice of the sorghum plant.

Sorghum Plant

Sorghum is a cereal grain native to Africa and grown in the midwestern United States. Sweet sorghum, sometimes called sorgo, can also be grown for silage. The plant is drought-tolerant and grows well in dry regions.


Practically Edible notes sorghum is a relative of sugarcane, though sorghum is sweeter than regular molasses. One may be substituted for the other, though the darker molasses can change a food’s final color. Don’t substitute sorghum for blackstrap molasses or vice versa.


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