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Why Are My Peach Tree Leaves Turning Yellow & Brown?

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Peaches rank second in popularity to apples as deciduous fruit trees and are often referred to as the queen of fruit. The fruit tree is native to Asia. A fungal infection causes tree foliage to discolor.


Peach trees are susceptible to peach leaf curl, a fungal disease caused by Taphrina deformans. The pathogen overwinters on buds and other tree areas and starts to grow during moist spring weather.


The disease is characterized by the appearance of abnormally thick and curled foliage during spring. Leaves are discolored and yellow with shades of red instead of green. In cases of severe infection, new shoots die. Fruit is also affected and has irregularly shaped, red lesions. Uncontrolled and repeat infections affect tree growth and cause dead branches.


One of the best management strategies is the use of dormant fungicides, as cited by the University of California Extension. Repeat the application of fungicides in regions with high rainfall. Recommended fungicides include Bordeaux mixtures, chlorothalonil and products containing fixed copper.

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