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How to Set Pump Timers in Blue Haven Pools

Having a pool in your backyard can be a luxury, but the pool requires a lot of maintenance to remain clean and safe. A pump timer can automate some amount of the necessary work by automatically powering on the pool pump at various times throughout the day. Some pump timers can even monitor water and pressure levels to automate the process of back-flushing when the pressure or water level gets too high. Setting pump timers in a Blue Haven pool is simple, and should take no more than a half hour to learn and complete.

Press the "Pump Timer" button on the front of the Blue Haven control panel. The LED display should change to a blinking cursor. Use the arrow buttons to enter the amount of time in hours that you want the pump to run each cycle. The recommended length of time for a residential pool is six to eight hours, which should allow enough time for the pump to cycle through the entire contents of the pool.

Locate the "Desired Output" knob at the bottom-right corner of the Blue Haven control panel. This knob controls the amount of treatment chemicals that are dispersed into the water during each pump cycle. Residential pools should leave the output amount between 40 and 60 percent; public pools and spa pools should have an output percentage between 55 and 70 percent.

Ensure that the main pump switch located at the top of the Blue Haven control panel is set to the "Auto" position. If it isn't, it will need to be manually turned on and off each time it is used. Once it is set to "Auto" it will continue to run at the set parameters until the switch is moved.


If you live in a cold climate, be sure to turn off the pump timer automation during the winter. If the pump tries to run when water is near freezing, it can damage the internal elements.

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