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Flowers that Symbolize New Beginnings

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The first widely accepted book that discussed flower meanings was "Le langage des fleurs," published in 1819 by Charlotte de Latou. Floriography, the study of the meaning of flowers, was used widely during the Victorian Era for secret communication. Someone would give a single stem or a bouquet of different blooms to convey secret messages to another. Though meanings have changed and evolved in time, a few varieties of flowers that symbolize new beginnings still hold true to their roots today.


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Roses are used worldwide as a symbol for romance. White roses are associated with purity, like at weddings when starting a new life together and peace, such as at funerals when loved ones have passed on to another place. Even black roses symbolize new beginnings; the last stage of grief is acceptance and moving on.


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Give the pink carnation to someone to let her know she will never be forgotten. The red carnation is a token of admiration, such as in wanting to start being like someone, or used to express an aching for someone that is gone. A white carnation is given as a good luck gift when someone is starting a new venture in life, while a striped or yellow carnation is a refusal or rejection in floriography.


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When it comes to the different meanings of flowers, the lily contradicts itself in its various hues. The lily-of-the-valley is a flower symbolizing new beginnings because of its expression of a return to peace and happiness or a gift given to show how someone has made your life complete. The day lily is the Chinese emblem for a mother, which makes it a gift for the becoming a parent. The Easter lily is self-explanatory in its symbol of resurrection, and many varieties are used at funerals to represent a loved ones coming resurrection. The rain lily only blooms after a rain shower, reflecting spiritual awakening after a storm in life. A tiger lily means pride and wealth and could be used for a fresh financial start, but be careful as an orange lily can express hatred.

Mixed Blooms

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The acacia means "beauty in retirement" in floriography, the aniseed symbolizes "restoration of youth", the bells of Ireland stand for good luck, the cyclamen means goodbye and the forget-me-not is most obvious in its expression. In matters of the heart, the gladiolus and gloxinia both stand for love at first sight, while the white violet begs the recipient, "let's take a chance" and the spider flower states, "elope with me." To ask for forgiveness and a new beginning in love, the purple hyacinth offers apology while the hazel symbolizes reconciliation. The sunflower symbolizes all new beginnings, as it was an important part of the Iroquois creation myth of the very beginning of our world.

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