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The Best Fertilizer for Melons

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Melons are summertime plants that are part of the cucurbit family. This family includes pumpkins, squash, watermelons, honeydew melons and cantaloupe. All melons require long, hot days and good nutrition in their soil.


Melons are very sensitive to cold and require late spring plantings if they're to survive. Each melon vine should get enough room to grow, full sunshine and a foundation of quick-draining soil mixed with rich, nutritious organic compost.


Ohio State University recommends a phosphorous- and potassium-heavy fertilizer for melons, with a mixture of 5-10-15 or 10-15-20 to enhance growth, flowering and fruiting


All melons should start with a foundation of organic compost and starter fertilizer, then get a side dressing of synthetic or organic fertilizer when they begin to vine. To "side dress" a plant, the gardener should dig the fertilizer into the top inch of soil around the base of the plant, instead of applying fertilizer directly to the base.

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