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How to Repair Cracks in a Concrete Birdbath

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Concrete birdbaths provide outdoor ambiance and places for birds to congregate when they visit your garden. Unfortunately, when concrete is exposed to freeze and thaw cycles, it has a tendency to crack. These cracks may cause a birdbath to leak and negatively impact the birdbath's appearance. An effective method to seal cracks in concrete is with cement (essentially concrete without the aggregate), which will fill in cracks and seal the bowl from leaking.

Pour water out of the birdbath and allow the structure to dry.

Mix dry cement with water in a bucket to create a thick paste. Add water slowly, and add more cement if the mixture gets too loose. It should be thick enough that it will not drip from the trowel when held upside down.

Pick up a small amount of cement paste with the trowel. Spread the paste over cracks on the birdbath, pushing and scraping so the paste goes inside the crack. Spread a thin layer of cement paste over the filled crack to create a smooth surface that blends with the rest of the birdbath bowl.

Fill additional cracks on the inside and outside of the bowl and along the pedestal. Try to get the majority of the cement inside the cracks. Keep the fresh, exterior layer of cement as thin as possible to maintain the original shape of the birdbath.

Dip a paintbrush in water and brush around the patched areas to blend the cement and create an even finish.

Let the patched birdbath dry for about two hours. Cover it with a plastic sheet to finish curing overnight.

Repair A Water Leak In A Concrete Birdbath

Birdbaths have a tendency to crack after going through a freeze and thaw cycle. Small hairline cracks can be sealed with a waterproofing concrete sealer or epoxy, and larger cracks can be filled with a polyester resin. Pour half of your cleaner into your birdbath and use your scrub brush to clean the entire bowl area. Allow your birdbath to dry for at least two days after cleaning it. This step will eliminate failure of your repairs. You do not want either one of these products to puddle. A puddled area will create a weak area in your sealer. Take your plastic spreader and scoop up some of your resin mixture. At this point you can leave your birdbath as is, or you can go ahead and coat the entire bowl with a sealant.

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