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How to Preserve Fresh Cut English Ivy

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English ivy is a great addition to cut flower arrangements since not only will it not wilt when you add it to a vase of water, but it will probably start sprouting roots and grow new leaves over time. Typically, the ivy will last longer than any of the cut flowers, and you can rinse your cuttings to use in a new arrangement.

Trim off any dead leaves from the cuttings and the leaves on the bottom part of the cutting that will be submerged in water, using a pair of scissors.

Place the entire English ivy cutting into a large container of cool water so that you totally submerged the plant for at least 15 to 20 minutes, hydrating all the plant tissues.

Lift the ivy from the water and place it directly into the vase water, and add the rest of the cut flowers to make your arrangement.

Change the water every few days or as soon as it starts looking cloudy.

Preserve Fresh Cut English Ivy

Cut English ivy vines using sharp, clean pruners or shears. Hammer the bottoms of the stems gently. Crushing the stems allows them to absorb more water. Place the ivy in a vase or jar filled with cool water and place the container away from direct sunlight and heat. The vines are ready to add to swags or floral arrangements. If you aren't ready to use the ivy, you can place the moist vines in a polyethylene bag and store them in the refrigerator.


Plant the rooted ivy in potting soil to make a nice houseplant.

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