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How to Identify Flying Insects in Georgia

Identifying a flying insect can be an important task, especially if you are worried about a bite or the destructive qualities of those insects such as a flying carpenter ant or termite. Depending on where you live, you will be plagued by different insects with various colors and attributes. In Georgia, identifying insects is easy with the insect and spider identification database.

Pay close attention to the bugs you are trying to identify and take a photo if you can. Make note of any colors, and if possible how many legs they have.

Go to the Insect Identification database, which houses information about more than a million species of spiders and insects throughout the United States.

Scroll to the middle of the home page until you see the orange box labeled "Bug Finder." In the boxes, select the dominant color and any secondary color. Then select the type of insect and choose Georgia as the state.

Click "Search" and scroll through the results until you see an insect that looks as though it matches the insects you are viewing. Click on that insect and you will be redirected to a details page.

Read through the details. These will help you make the final decisions about whether this is the right insect or not by telling you about the most common times of year they are found, where they like to hide, and other identifying behaviors such as noises they make.

Review the details of your decision and call a pest control company if you feel you are in danger or have a serious problem that you cannot take care of by yourself.


If you can't identify an insect, it is best to stay away from it and call a professional. Although Georgia is not home to many poisonous flying insects, invasive or disease-carrying species are always a hazard.

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