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List of Flowers That Grow in the Country of Cyprus

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Cyprus is an island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is south of Turkey, but west of Syria and Lebanon. Cyprus has a dry period that generally lasts from June through October. Winter temperatures rarely drop below 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer temperatures can be as high as 98 degrees Fahrenheit. Rainfall can range from a fraction of an inch in the summer to winter precipitation of nearly 7 inches per month in some locations.


Cyclamen is a genus that contains about 20 species. It is native to Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries. These hardy plants grow best in full or partial shade. Cyclamen ranges from 6 to 16 inches tall. They have heart shaped leaves and can have pink, red or white flowers. Cyclamen do best with daytime temperatures between 60 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit. They do best with night time temperatures around 50 degrees. If temperatures exceed 70 degrees during the day, flowers may fail to develop. Cyclamen will generally go dormant after flowering. This dormancy corresponds to the dry season in Cyprus. When it goes dormant, the plant will drop its flowers and leaves to allow more energy to go to maintaining the tuberous root.


The anemone flower is also native to Cyprus. This perennial flower grows to around a foot tall and has different colored flowers with a rounded yellow center. Anemone flowers can be blue, white, pink or red. The 1-1/2 inch flowers grow on 5 to 8 inch stalks. Sometimes called the pasque flower, wind flower, or meadow anemone, this flower can grow well in most soil types and is very tolerant of dry soils. Anemones do well in light that ranges from full sun to partial shade.


Cyprus is home to a wide variety of daisies. Whether white with yellow centers or full yellow daisies, they can cover wild areas and fields with colorful flowers. Different daisies will bloom at different times of the year. Some daisies, such as the sunray or moonbeam, are summer blooming. Others, such as the snowbank or purple dome, bloom in the fall. Although daisies do well in full sun, they can also grow in partial shade. They are tolerant of most soil types, but prefer soils that drain well.


Poppies grow in many parts of Cyprus. Poppies are usually a foot or two tall and have 2 to 4 inch papery flowers that can range from red to orange. Poppies grow best in sandy soils, but can grow in other types. They do best in full sun, but can also grow in partial shade. Some varieties of poppies bloom at sunset or on cloudy days when the sun is less intense. Poppies are generally spring and summer blooming flowers

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