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How to Care for a Miss Kim Lilac

By D. Laverne O'Neal
Miss Kim is a highly fragrant type of lilac.
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The Miss Kim lilac (Syringa pubescens subsp. patula "Miss Kim") originated in Korea and is also known as Manchurian lilac, according to Fine Gardening. The shrub is notable for highly fragrant purple-lavender flowers that bloom from late summer into fall. In fall, too, its leaves turn from green to maroon. Miss Kim lilacs may grow to a height and width of 8 feet. The plant tends to draw hummingbirds and butterflies.

Plant in a sunny, airy spot. Miss Kim lilacs prefer full sun. They can also do well in partial shade but will bloom less profusely in lower light. Do not position the plant flush against a structure, tree or another plant. Ample air flow around the plant will help to ward off diseases.

Water well. Miss Kim lilacs require a medium amount of moisture. The soil should not be soaking wet, but should not be allowed to dry out either. Check the soil regularly for moisture level. If the soil around your lilacs is dry to the touch, add water.

Prune yearly. You can cut back a Miss Kim lilac late in the winter or early in the spring. Get rid of any weakened or damaged branches. If you are trying to restrict the bush's size, scale it back appropriately. In addition, lop off the heads of flowers as soon as they have wilted. This will help create stronger blooms during the following growing season.


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