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What Are the Names of June Apple Trees?

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Apples provide a valuable crop all around the world. Fall and winter tend to be the ripening time frame for most apples, though a phenomenon known as June drop can occur in which trees will drop fruit that is damaged or unripe. Some trees, however, bear fine fruit in June as an early ripening season. June apple trees either bear fruit or fully ripen in June. Texas A&M University’s Department of Horticulture notes, though, that the fruit of early ripening apple trees may maintain their quality for only two to three weeks.

Early Harvest

Also known as July Pippin or Yellow Juneating, Early Harvest apples appear of the tree in June and ripen in late June to early July. These apples have tender flesh and bruise easily, which makes keeping them somewhat difficult. Their skin is a pale yellow and they grow in different sizes. Early Harvest apples work well for cooking and desserts.


Anna apples have a crisp, pleasant flavor. They grow to a medium size and feature a low chill requirement. These apples feature light green skin with red blush. Anna apple trees tend to produce fruit heavily. These trees should be planted with Dorsett Golden trees in order for the Dorsett Golden to pollinate Anna trees.

Dorsett Golden

A pollinator for Anna apple trees, Dorsett Golden also features a low chill requirement. These apples have yellow skin and sweet, firm flesh. This apple draws comparisons to the Golden Delicious because of its flavor.

Jersey Mac

Similar to the Red McIntosh, Jersey Mac apples feature a tart flavor with white, creamy, aromatic flesh. The skin has a crispy texture and mostly solid red blush. These apples grow to a medium size, but the flesh tends to bruise easily.


Lodi apples work well as an early season dessert or cooking apple, similar to the Early Harvest. These apples have yellow skin and grow to a large size. The flesh of the Lodi apple is rather tart.

Yellow Transparent

This apple bears fruit in June, which then ripen in early July. They have yellow skin with sweet, juicy and crisp flesh. Yellow Transparent apples do not store well. Instead, they commonly become used for juices, sauces and drying.

Carolina Red June

The Carolina Red June apple features an oblong or conical shape. The skin of the apple is dark red, while the flesh is white with a fine texture. These apples tend to be used for fresh eating or in dessert cooking.

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