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Do Azaleas Have a Scent?

By Susan Steele
Azaleas can have no scent, a light scent or a heavy fragrance.

Depending upon the variety, the azalea can have no scent, be lightly scented or be highly fragranced. Evergreen azaleas rarely have a scent, while native deciduous azaleas can be very fragrant.

Evergreen Azaleas

Evergreen azaleas do not usually have a scent. However, there are two taller growing varieties that are lightly scented. These are the Alba Magnifica and the Alphonse Anderson.

Red Hills Azaleas

The Red Hills azalea is one of the most fragrant varieties. It normally grows in the western regions of Georgia and in the coastal plains of Alabama. This variety is very tall and is covered in vividly colored blossoms.

Alabama Azaleas

Alabama azaleas also are very fragrant and grow mainly in Alabama and surrounding states. This azalea has white blossoms with yellow centers and is known for its very unique spicy, lemony scent. It also is among the deciduous azaleas.


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