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What Kind of Pine Trees Are Good in Containers?

By Nancy Wagner
Several types of pine trees work well in containers.
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Several small species of pine trees as well as dwarf varieties can grow and thrive in containers. Container-grown pine trees require lots of attention, including steady watering, especially in the summer, and routine fertilizing to replenish the soil’s nutrients.


Container-worthy species of pine trees include Mugo pines, Korean firs and skyrocket junipers. Most dwarf conifers can grow and thrive in containers, too. Pine trees that prefer shade, such as those found in the Taxus and Chamaecyparis genera, also work well in containers.


The overall size of the mature tree, whether a dwarf or a regular pine tree, needs to be carefully considered before planting the tree in a container. Clay pots work best to hold container-bound pine trees since the heavy pots offer more stability in windy areas.

Soil Requirements

Using the proper soil in your container can make the difference in the health and survival of your pine tree. While it may be tempting to use soil from your garden in the container, it’s best to use compost that features organic material full of nutrients. Adding perlite or pumice to the soil helps keep air in the soil.


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