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Peace Lily Problems

By Jackie Carroll
Peace lilies produce a flush of flowers in spring and then bloom intermittently through the year.
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Peace lilies are well-suited to offices, hospitals rooms and homes because they produce showy flowers and foliage with very little care. The few problems that come up are easily corrected.

Failure to Bloom

Plants that don't get enough light often fail to bloom. Peace lilies can't tolerate direct sunlight, but they need bright indirect light. Plants that need repotting may also fail to bloom. Repot peace lilies every spring to refresh the soil.

Yellowing Leaf Margins

Peace lilies are sensitive to magnesium and iron deficiencies. Use a complete house plant fertilizer that contains magnesium and iron according to the package instructions.

Brown Leaf Tips

Overwatering and over-fertilizing cause brown leaf tips. Water only when the soil is almost dry. Use a fertilizer labeled for house plants according to the label instructions.


Mealybugs, mites, scale and thrips feed on peace lilies. Use an insecticide labeled for house plants as directed on the label. Some insecticides aren't safe to use indoors. Insecticidal soaps are effective against mealybugs and scale and insecticides containing neem oil are effective against mites and thrips. Several manufactures produce insecticides that contain both insecticidal soaps and neem oil.


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