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How to Care for an Annual Spike Plant

When you design and plant a container garden, you must take into consideration the colors, spread and height of each plant. As the plants develop and grow larger in the container, they will intertwine with each other for an attractive garden display. Often, gardeners use a dracaena spike plant as a focal point in the center of a container garden. These annual plants grow vertical spikes that draw the eye to the container.

Fill the planting container approximately halfway with potting soil. Remove the spike plant from its temporary container and place it into the center of the planting container so the crown of the plant is just below the rim of the container. Add additional companion plants to the container around the edges, spacing them about 3 to 4 inches away from the spike plant.

Add additional potting soil to the planting container to fill it to the rim. Pat the potting soil down firmly around the plants with your fingers.

Water the soil in the container immediately after you finish planting the spike plant, saturating the soil completely. Provide regular water for the spike plant after allowing the soil to dry slightly. Determine dryness by inserting your finger into the soil. When the top inch feels dry, saturate the soil with tepid water.

Place the planting container in a location that receives indirect sunlight. A partially shady location also is acceptable.

Apply liquid fertilizer to the spike plant once a month according to package recommendations for the size of the planting container. Pour it carefully onto the soil around the plant. Do not allow fertilizer to splash onto plant foliage because this might burn the plants.

Remove leaves that become overgrown and unsightly with pruning shears. Cut this growth off at the base of the plant and the plant will respond with full, new growth.


Spike plants also make suitable houseplants, growing well in a location with daytime temperatures between 60 and 70 F and nighttime temperatures approximately 10 degrees cooler. Mist an indoor spike plant once or twice a week with water to increase the humidity level.

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