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Do Easter Lilies Like Sun or Shade?

By Nicole Crawford
Easter lilies are commonly seen in stores during the spring months.
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Over 8 million Easter lilies are grown in the United States alone every year. Although many people buy Easter lilies to decorate during the Easter season, the bulbs can be replanted in the garden and will bloom the next year with proper care.


Easter lilies are characterized by their large, white trumpet-shaped flowers, usually with yellow anthers. Flowers are very fragrant and foliage is dense and deep green. The most common cultivar is the Nellie White.

Growing Conditions

Easter lilies planted indoors should receive bright, indirect sunlight. In the garden, plant Easter lilies in an area with full sun. Easter lilies also prefer moist, well-drained soil and thrive when daytime temperatures are approximately 68 degrees Fahrenheit, with nighttime temperatures between 40 and 50.


If you have cats in the home and want to add an Easter lily to your spring decorations, be sure that your cat doesn't eat the plant. According to the Colorado State University Extension, Easter lilies can cause severe vomiting in cats who eat or chew on any plant part. In severe cases, cats may die of liver failure. Avoid Easter lilies in the home if you have an indoor cat.


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