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How to Kill Weeds with Salt and Vinegar

By Andrew Smith
Salt and vinegar combines to make a weed killer

Weeds that are on a hard surface such as a patch of sidewalk or driveway can take away from the overall look of a particular area. Special herbicides that kill weeds but not grass can be purchased in stores but these chemical solutions are not “green” ones. Salt and vinegar are two household ingredients that, when combined, form quite a weed killer.

Pour 1 cup of table salt into a kettle.

Add 2 cups of white vinegar into the kettle and stir to mix.

Heat the kettle on the stove on a medium setting. Continue doing so until the mixture boils. Turn off the stove.

Using pot holders or an oven mitt, take the kettle to the driveway, sidewalk or area that has the weeds you want to kill.

Pour the vinegar and salt mixture over the weeds slowly, being sure to cover all of the weeds. The combination of vinegar and salt, as well as the boiling-hot temperature of the mixture, will kill them.


Things You Will Need

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • Kettle
  • Spoon
  • Pot holders or oven mitts


  • Use caution when pouring the mixture. Wear protective clothing items such as boots and long pants.
  • Do not use the mixture on any weeds that are near plants that you don't want to kill. It can affect their root systems as well.

About the Author


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