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The Best Grass Seed for Phoenix, Arizona

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When you live in Phoenix, Ariz. you can have a green lawn throughout the year by using a combination of two grass seeds. When one grass goes dormant, the other grass seed will grow. It does take work to have a green lawn year-round, but the two types of grass seed that are the best for Phoenix will give you the green grass you want even in winter.


Bermudagrass is grown in Phoenix from May to September. Bermuda grass is tolerant of the hot Phoenix sun as long as it is given enough water to keep the grass moist. This type of grass starts to turn yellow and appears dead when it is dormant from September to May. Bermuda grass does not need to be replanted every year, so property owners can grow another grass during the winter. Bermuda grass starts to come back to life in May when the hot afternoon starts killing the winter grass.

Rye Grass

Rye grass is the best grass to grow in Phoenix from October to May before Bermudagrass starts showing life in the spring. Rye grass does need to be replanted each year in late September or early October, but it will give the landscape a thick, green lawn. As the temperatures in Phoenix rise to 100 degrees F, the grass will die back. Annual rye grass will work in Phoenix and is cheaper than perennial rye grass. Both will die back in May because of the hot temperatures, so using the annual rye grass saves money.

Combining Grasses

Use Bermudagrass and combine it with rye grass for a lush green lawn all year. During May, June, July, August and September, keep the Bermudagrass green by supplying water. In September when the grass is turning yellow, throw down rye grass seed. The rye grass seed will grow in the cooler temperatures and continue to grow with proper watering until May. In May, stop watering the rye grass for two weeks so it will die back. Bermudagrass will start growing, and watering should be started again.

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