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How to Adjust a Lighter

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Lighters are used for a variety of tasks including lighting candles, igniting grills and camp fires and lighting cigars. Manufactured by a variety of companies in different shapes, sizes and colors, lighters commonly use butane as fuel. Adjusting the flame of a lighter can be done so the flame height can be matched to the task at hand. Flame adjustment is done by means of a control typically located on the bottom of the lighter.

Turn the lighter so the bottom is easily accessible. Locate the flame adjustment control and determine if the adjustment is made with a finger, thumbnail or blade screwdriver control.

Turn the control to the left, or counter clockwise, toward the plus sign to increase the height of the lighter flame. Slowly turn the control and do not force it to prevent potential damage to the lighter.

Turn the flame height control clockwise, or to the right, toward the minus sign to decrease the flame height. Use the finger control, a thumbnail or blade screwdriver to turn the adjustment control.

Position the flame height control in the middle -- half way between the plus and minus signs -- as a starting point for adjustment with a new lighter. A middle setting will result in a medium-size flame that allows for adjustment up or down.

Candle Lighter

A candle lighter's long nozzle gives you a safe way to ignite a candle flame, even when you have a short candle inside a tall jar or a glass candle holder. Hold the lighter so the tip of the nozzle is approximately an inch away from the candle wick. The candle may have two such devices, other than the trigger or button that ignites the flame -- one is a safety switch and the other adjusts the flame height. Adjust the flame height slider to the middle setting. Press the safety switch or slide the safety lever to allow the flame to ignite, if your candle lighter model has one. It may look like an on/off rocker switch. Flip an empty refillable candle lighter upside down to expose the refill valve on the bottom of the device. Remove the cap from the butane-refill container. Press the butane container down firmly. Allow the lighter to rest for at least two minutes, to let the parts inside it readjust so the lighter functions properly once again.

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