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How to Regrow an Amaryllis Plant

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An amaryllis plant is often tossed after it flowers, and another bulb is purchased in the fall or early winter to replace it. Your bulb will regrow and rebloom, however, with continued care after it blooms. Just expose it to cold temperatures for about two months in the fall, then replant and care for it just like a new bulb. In another six to eight weeks, it will most likely bloom again for you to add color and beauty to your home for the winter.

Cut off the flower stalks when they are finished blooming. Also cut off the foliage about 2 inches above the bulb, using sharp hand clippers or pruning shears. Keep the plant near a sunny area of the home, such on the southern side by a window.

Fertilize every two to four weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. Iowa State University recommends a general houseplant fertilizer. Follow the application rates on the label, as the amount may vary.

Allow the soil to dry out between waterings. You’ll probably need to water about once a week. Water slowly and with enough water so a bit seeps out the drainage hole.

Remove the pot from its sunny location in late September and set in a cooler, slightly darker location. Good locations are your garage or a spare, unheated room. Stop watering and fertilizing, then wait for the foliage to turn brown.

Cut off the foliage after it turns brown and move it to a dark location that is 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. An attic, basement, crawl space or garage may be a good location for you. Leave the amaryllis there for eight to 10 weeks because this period of cold dormancy is required for blooming again.

Replant the bulb in new potting soil and water again. The top half of the bulb should sit above the soil line.

Set the pot in an area between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and out of direct sunlight. Keep the soil slightly moist. When you see new growth, move it to a sunny spot and start to water and fertilize it again as you did before. It should bloom in six to eight weeks.


If desired, you can plant your bulb outdoors in late spring and bring it back indoors to re-pot in the fall.

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