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Tecumseh Engine Information

By Lissabeth Ross
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Tecumseh Engines are manufactured by the TecumsehPower Company. These engines are used in snow throwers and generators as well as other lawn and garden and industrial and agricultural applications.

Locating the Model Number on a Pre-2004 Tecumseh Engine

In order to find parts for your Tecumseh engine, you will need to locate the model number, specification number and date of manufacture (DOM) number. Look for an engine ID label with the heading, "Important Engine Information." This label will contain the engine model number. This will be followed by the specification number. Following the displacement number is the DOM number.

Locating the Model Number on a Tecumseh Engine From 2004 or Later

The label and numbering system were changed for Tecumseh engines starting in 2004. The engine ID label will be headed by the word "WARNING" in capital letters. Beneath the fuel type, you will find the model number. Beneath the model number is the specification number. Next to the specification number is the DOM code. Each of these numbers will be necessary to locate parts for your Tecumseh engine.

Fuel and Lubrication Recommendations for Tecumseh Engines

Use of fresh, unleaded gasoline is recommended for all Tecumseh engines. For four-cycle Tecumseh engines, brand name oil with a minimum classification of SL/SJ is recommended. For two-cycle Tecumseh engines, the TecumsehPower company recommends the following two-cycle engine oil classifications: National Marine Manufactures Association (NMMA) TC-Wii or TC-W3; American Petroleum Institute (API) TC; and Japanese Automobile Standard Organization (JASO) FB or FC.


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