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Is Ranunculus Deer Resistant?

Ranunculus, also known as buttercup, can have a bitter taste, according to the King County, Washington website. This means that deer, as well as livestock and horses, find this plant to be offensive, and leave it alone.


Ranunculus is rarely damaged by deer, according to the West Virginia Extension Service. Even though this is the case, the extension service warns that when desirable plants are unavailable, deer may eat this flower. The top of the plant is most commonly consumed when deer do decide to graze on it, according to Rutger's University.

Companion Plants

Ranunculus is more commonly known as buttercup. This flower can be planted along with other deer-resistant varieties such as foxglove, larkspur, hyacinth, purple coneflower and snapdragon. Ranunculus might also be a good choice for planting near shrubs such as boxwood, holly or wintergreen. Deer-resistant trees that complement this variety include dogwood, birch, cedar, and many types of pine.


Ranunculus is a perennial flower, which means it sprouts up year after year. You can plant it as part of a deer-resistant border around your garden or the perimeter of your yard, and reap the benefits of doing so season after season.

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