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Are Hibiscus Plants Deer Resistant?

By Misty Amber Brighton
Hibiscus is sometimes eaten by deer.
Vital Paplauski/iStockphoto/Getty Images

Hibiscus is a perennial flower that blooms for many seasons. Deer sometimes like to eat this plant, especially if other sources of food are scarce. This means gardeners should be vigilant in watching for signs of damage to these flowers.


Hibiscus flowers are sometimes eaten by deer, according to Rutgers University. Many factors can determine whether they are eaten. This includes the amount of other food available, weather conditions, deer population and location of your garden. The food preferences of these animals may vary from region to region as well.


Some varieties of hibiscus may be more resistant to deer than others. Color Choice Plants recommends varieties such as Helene, Diana, Freedom, Red Heart, Pink Giant and Blushing Bride for areas that have a lot of deer activity. For best results, they should not be planted near hostas, daylilies or geraniums, as these species are attractive to deer.

Companion Plants

Some good plants to place near hibiscus are trees such as buckeye, birch, cedar, spruce and fir. They might also work well near shrubs like boxwood, Russian olive, or blueberry elder. This is because these types are deer-resistant, which means the animals may look elsewhere for food.


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