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Sears Eager 1 Mower Parts

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The Sears Eager 1 is a gas-powered, manually propelled lawn mower. There have been several different models of the Eager 1 over the years, though the most common still in service is the red version with the 22-inch deck. All parts are available for these mowers, giving them a permanent lease on life.

Cutting Blades

The cutting blade for the Eager 1 is a 20-inch blade that can be replaced universally by any Craftsman brand blade. Tecumseh blades will fit on models newer than 1995. The locking mechanism and screw size are different on models older than 1995. Other brands of blades can be used on this mower if they are 20 inches and require a 1 1/4-inch screw for mowers built before 1995, or a 1 7/8-inch screw for mowers built after 1995. If the turning arm, which turns the cutting blade, begins to rust or is broken, it can be replaced by any model mechanism that has the same measurements. The Eager 1 series is not picky.

Motor Parts

Motors often wear out in lawn mowers, due to the strain caused by lack of proper maintenance. The Eager 1's manual lists each working part of the motor and informs the user of when to replace certain parts, like the spark plug or the oil. The only Sears-made part that is available in Sears stores is the air filter, which fits all Eager 1 models no matter their age. The two-cycle oil can be purchased at almost any store that offers lawnmowers or weedeaters, and any brand of two-cycle oil will do. Some very old models of Eager 1 require oil and gasoline to be mixed. Not mixing the oil and gasoline will destroy the engine very quickly due to overheating. Find the owner's manual for your Eager 1 by it's original manufacturing date to determine whether you need to mix oil and gasoline. Spark plugs must be replaced at least once per year if the lawn mower is left outside, or there is any sign of corrosion on the plug.

Other Parts

Other parts may be needed to keep your mower looking brand-new. Decks can often be salvaged from old mowers that are going to be thrown away, so long as they are 22-inch decks. Mowing bags are generally universal and can be purchased secondhand and attached to the mower for easy clean up. Handles are very difficult to replace and should be taken to a professional.

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