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Potato Varieties for Bin Growing

Potato cultivation methods include burying seed potatoes and mounding soil around the potatoes as they grow, growing in straw or other organic medium, or bin growing. Bin growing means planting seed potatoes in a container of some type, like old tires or buckets. Soil or organic material is added as the potato vines grow. This way, potatoes are produced in several layers of the bin instead of just one layer in the garden. Determinate potatoes flower once and produce one layer of potatoes, so they are not suitable for bin growing. Indeterminate potato varieties, which flower continuously throughout the growing season, are better for bin growing.

German Butterball

The German butterball potato is versatile in the kitchen. You can use it for baking, frying and boiling. The flesh is yellow with a thin skin. German butterball potatoes are resistant to potato scab disease and store very well. This potato is ready for harvest in 90 to 120 days.

Red Pontiac

As the name implies, red Pontiac potatoes have a red skin but the flesh is white. These potatoes are good for mashing and boiling. The potatoes grow large and sometimes suffer from "hollow heart," when an empty spot develops in the middle of the potato. Red Pontiac potatoes provide a large yield and store well.

Canela Russet

Canela russet potatoes are good for bin growing and produce well. The potato is oblong in shape and is good for baking. The skin is heavy and the flesh is white. Canela russet potatoes mature in 90 to 120 days. These potatoes are also good for making French fries.


Bintje potatoes are a good variety if you want a yellow-flesh, early potato. These potatoes are also good used in stews and soups. A late-season variety, Bintje potatoes produce well when grown in bins.


Katahdin is a dependable producer that grows tubers close to the surface. Keep the young potatoes covered to prevent them from developing solanine or turning green. These potatoes are round, with white flesh and store very well. Katahdin potatoes are good as a salad potato and boiled.

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