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Herbicides Containing Imazapic

Kathy Quirk-Syvertsen/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The herbicide Imazapic kills and stops surface growth of certain broadleaf weeds and grasses, such as bermudagrass, cocklebur, smartweed and bahiagrass. Imazapic herbicides come in either liquid or granule form, which you can spread or spray around the desired area. On a larger scale, the herbicides can help return fields, roadsides and other scenic areas to their natural state by eliminating invasive weeds and grasses so native plants and grasses can grow uninhibited.


Alligare Panoramic 2SL herbicide contains 23.3 percent Imazapic. Panoramic can treat both visible weeds and prevent growth of additional weeds and grasses. However, this liquid herbicide most effectively treats post-emergent grasses. Like other Imazapic herbicides, Panoramic treats large-scale natural areas, such as fields and pastures, not crops and residential lawns. Results depend on how quickly the herbicide gets to the roots and spreads throughout the plant. The yellowing of newer leaves acts as the first sign of successful treatment, and the whole process can take between a few days and a few weeks.


In addition to controlling weeds, the best uses for Plateau herbicide include supporting the production of natural turf and noncrop areas, such as golf courses, and pre-emergent treatment of conifer forests. It contains 23.6 percent Imazapic and comes in in liquid form, which you must dilute with water before spraying. The herbicide works best when sprayed directly on the growing weeds and grasses and in the moist soil around them, which quickens transport to the root system.


Cadre is different from the other Imazapic herbicides because it is used primarily to treat peanut crops. It contains 23.6 percent Imazapic and works to kill sprouted weeds around peanut plants that can interfere with growth of the crop. Like the other Imazapic herbicides, Cadre needs moist soil in order to work, so rainfall or irrigation is necessary. With adequate moisture, weed death should occur within a week. Drier conditions can delay treatment.

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