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What Rpm Motor Should I Get for Doing a Spit Roast Pig?

carving pork meat. meat in the market.smoked pork image by L. Shat from

Roasting a pig makes for a great luau or party. Creating a homemade roaster can present challenges, though. The appropriate rpm for the motor on your pig roaster depends on several factors.


Before choosing the motor for your pig roaster consider you base. Look at the dimensions--height, width and length--materials, weight and durability. A more sturdy roaster pit means that your choices of motor will be wider.


Using a motor as opposed to a hand crank is a great way to simplify the roasting process of your pig. Choose a low rpm motor between 1 and 10. Using a motor from a lawn mower or one comparable in size will allow for great control during the cooking process.


Test your motor after installation. Take it to various speeds and see how it works in its new configuration. Gathering as much information as possible before beginning your roast will help you control the cooking process.

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