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When to Plant Trees in Kansas

By Richard Corrigan
Timing is important for tree planting in Kansas.
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If you live in Kansas and plan to plant trees this year, timing is an important consideration. Even a tree that is well cared for may not flourish if it is planted at an inopportune time.


You can plant a wide variety of trees in Kansas, but be sure before you plant that you have the right trees for your area. If you plant a tree in an unsuitable location, it may not survive even if you plant it at the right time. Kansas is located in USDA Hardiness Map zones 5 and 6; most trees rated for these zones will survive in the state.


Prepare your planting site over the course of summer and fall the year before you plant trees. The goal of preparation is to create loose soil 12 inches deep that is free of perennial vegetation; accomplish this through plowing, tilling, hand scalping or spot treatment, depending on the site.

Time Frame

Spring is the planting season in Kansas. You can plant container-grown trees, bare root trees and seeds between March and May. If you order trees, place the order the previous fall and plant them as soon as possible after you receive them in spring. If you transplant trees, do so before full buds grow on the branches.


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