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When Does a Rose of Sharon Bush Bloom?

By Beth Anderle

The lovely Rose of Sharon, also known as Althea and hardy hibiscus, is a member of the hibiscus family that can be grown as a shrub or a small tree.


The Rose of Sharon is hardy from zones 5 through 8, although it can sometimes be grown in zone 4 if it is in a sheltered area.

Growth Habits

Rose of Sharon can grow between 9 and 12 feet tall and between 6 to 10 feet wide.


This shrub or tree blooms in late summer to early fall, with big, showy blossoms that range from white and light pink, to deep reds and purples. The blooms often have a darker color ring at the center. They can be single or double blooms with a pronounced stamen, and the petals usually have a scalloped edge that gives them a ruffled appearance.


Rose of Sharon tolerates full sun to partial shade and likes moist but well-drained soil.


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