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How to Start Echo Chainsaws

Echo chainsaws are available in a variety of sizes and models designed for light yard work around a home or heavy commercial logging use. With ease of use and durability in mind, Echo chainsaws feature convenient controls making them suitable for use by a wide range of individuals. Starting an Echo chainsaw involves a process that is simplified by the chainsaw's design. By following only a few steps, you can successfully start an Echo chainsaw.

Place the Echo chainsaw on the ground. Choose a level location without rocks, limbs or other debris that could interfere with the starting process.

Locate the chain brake handle at the front of the chainsaw, just behind the chain bar. Push the chain brake handle forward to prevent the chain from turning during the starting process.

Turn the ignition switch, located to the left of the throttle trigger, to the on position. Prime the carburetor three to four times by pushing the bulb, or purge pump, until fuel is visible in bulb.

Locate the choke control to the left of the throttle trigger. Pull the choke control knob out as far as possible.

Hold the saw securely by placing one foot inside the handle, behind the trigger. Place one hand on the forward handle, located behind the chain brake handle.

Pull the starter cord until the engine attempts to start. Push the choke control completely in and pull the starter cord to start the engine. Pull the throttle trigger several times before using the chainsaw, to help warm the engine.

Pull the chain brake back to allow the chain to rotate freely during use.


Use fuel and oil mixed to the manufacturer's specifications in the fuel tank.

Use bar and chain oil only in the forward oil tank.


Wear safety glasses, leather gloves and closed-toe shoes made of heavy leather or with steel inserts.

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