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Flowers That Mean Forgiveness

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If you have trouble telling someone you are sorry and wish for forgiveness, give them a bouquet of flowers representing these emotions. Giving flowers is a kind gesture meant to please the recipient, so if you find yourself regretting some event or situation, give "forgiveness" flowers to tell them you're sorry and let them know you care.

White Tulip

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A white tulip symbolizes forgiveness, purity and serenity. Tulips are grown from bulbs and bloom in the spring. They are identified by a cup-shape of pointed petals atop a tall, green stem. White tulips denote a new beginning and a sense of worthiness. Giving someone white tulips tells them that you wish for them to forgive you and that you want a fresh start. It denotes that you want your relationship and events to be pure and seen as worthy, with any mistakes in the past forgiven and forgotten.

Purple Hyacinth

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Hyacinths are grown from bulbs and bloom in the spring. They are identified by fragrant clusters of bell-shaped flowers. Depending on the color, the hyacinth flower denotes different meanings. A purple hyacinth is an emblem of forgiveness and means "I am sorry," "Please forgive me" and "Sorrow." To tell someone that you are sorrowful over an event and wish for them to forgive you, give them a bouquet of purple hyacinth flowers to represent these emotions.


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Daffodils represent forgiveness, new beginnings and a rebirth. They are identified by a trumpet-shaped center surrounded by petals that create a star shape. Daffodils are grown from bulbs and readily return each spring, signifying the end of winter and a new season beginning. They also represent happiness and are meant to be given in a bouquet, as giving a single daffodil denotes misfortune. To tell someone "I'm sorry" or "Please forgive me," give them a bouquet of daffodils. In doing so, you are telling them that you wish to put away the past and begin a new season that is full of happiness.

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