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How to Cut Grass With a Riding Lawn Mower

By Chris Moore
Riding mowers can come in different shapes and sizes.

A riding lawn mower can make cutting the grass on a large lawn quicker and easier. A riding mower operates very much like a car, only with a large cutting blade underneath. You will basically "drive" the mower across the grass, and you must operate this machine with care and caution. A riding mower has its own general rules for operating it and cutting the grass safely and effectively.

Clear the lawn of all rocks and sticks so the mower will not send these objects flying everywhere (they can also damage the blade).

Set the mower's blade height to its highest setting using the lever as long as you are not on the surface to be mowed.

Insert the key into the ignition switch and turn it to start the engine. Release the parking brake if it is applied and put the mower into first gear, using the shift lever.

Apply the gas pedal and turn with the steering wheel to guide the mower onto the lawn.

Adjust the blade height with the lever to the grass height you want. This can vary depending on the mower, but the number of the setting often corresponds with the height it will cut to (in inches).

Drive the mower across the lawn as slowly as possible, which ensures the grass is properly cut and you maintain control of the vehicle. Always drive and mow in a forward direction.

Move the mower up or down on any slope in the lawn. Do not drive sideways across a slope, meaning that you and the mower are tilted at an angle--you both could fall over.

Shift the blade height back to the highest setting after mowing but before you drive the mower off the lawn and back to its storage space.


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