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Ideas for Recycled Glass Kitchen Countertops

By Sienna Condy
Recycled glass bottles, like these, might become a recycled glass countertop.

If you're going green and you're looking for an environmentally friendly countertop option for your kitchen, recycled glass countertops come in a variety of color choices, including blue, black and green. Recycled glass countertops are typically constructed from pieces of recycled broken glass.

Go With Tile

If you want to revamp your countertop without replacing the whole thing, you can tiles your counter with recycled glass tiles. Recycled glass tiles come in a variety of sizes and colors, including blue and red. Create a border for your countertop using a bold blue glass, or cover the whole countertop. Although glass tiles are relatively durable, special precautions, like always using a cutting board, should be taken after a recycled glass tile countertop is installed, to keep it from chipping.

Pick Concrete

If you're looking for a glass kitchen countertop in an unusual color, pick concrete. Concrete recycled glass kitchen countertops typically come in slabs and feature small pieces of broken glass in the concrete. Before the countertop is installed, the concrete used to bond the glass together is often stained. Concrete can be stained a wide range of colors, including black and red to create a specific look or match cabinets. The pieces of glass in concrete recycled kitchen countertop slabs look like the stone aggregate sometimes added to exterior concrete treatments. According to "Sunset" Magazine, a concrete recycled glass countertop will set you back about $80 a square foot.

Try Resin

If concrete isn't for you, you can have a recycled glass countertop installed that is made from resin. Resin recycled glass countertops come in a wide range of colors, including greens, blues and browns. Resin options also typically feature larger pieces of glass than concrete recycled glass countertop options and are usually less expensive. According to "Sunset" Magazine, a resin recycled glass countertop only costs about $55 per square foot.


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