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How to Change the Battery in a Cartier Clock

By Catherine Y
Cartier clock batteries must be changed every year.
clock image by Kovac from Fotolia.com

Cartier clocks span a wide variety of time periods. Older Cartier clock battery numbers have been discontinued, and new numbers have been issued. When opening the bulbous metal battery cover on the back of the clock, place a soft cloth over the metal to protect the battery cover from scratches. Remove the battery cover by turning it one-quarter of the way in a counterclockwise motion. On smaller Cartier clocks, access the battery compartment by unscrewing the decorative front feet.

Place a soft cloth over the battery cover or feet before unscrewing to prevent unwanted scratching.

Remove old batteries inside of the clock. Take these batteries to an electronics store that has crossover reference charts available to determine the model number of the new battery. You also can consult an online crossover reference chart for batteries.

Place the new battery into the battery compartment of the Cartier clock in the same position that the old battery was resting.

Screw the bulbous battery cover or clock feet back onto the clock with your hands. Tighten the cover to the point that it can be removed with your hands. In about one year, the clock battery will need to be changed again.


Things You Will Need

  • Soft cloth
  • New battery


  • Before purchasing a used Cartier clock, ask the seller to tell you if the battery compartment is clean.


  • If an old battery has leaked, take the Cartier clock to a professional for cleaning and restoration.